InstaFinsta - Viewer & Downloader Instagram DP

Viewer and downloader Instagram videos, images, stories, reels free, anonymous and fast.

Instafinsta Profile Viewer

Instagram Profile Viewer and Downloader

With this tool, you can look up any Instagram user and view their profile picture in high resolution using AI, as well as other important stats like post count, followers and followers. You can also download an overview of that user's Posts and Stories.

Instafinsta Photo Viewer

Instagram Photos Viewer and Downloader

You can download any image on Instagram without worrying about quality. All you need is the URL of the image you want to save. It's all anonymous and free.

Instafinsta Video Viewer

Instagram Videos Viewer and Downloader

With our easy-to-use tool, you can download any Instagram videos completely anonymously and quickly. Just enter the URL of the video into our system, and we'll generate a link for you to download it in HD quality.

Instafinsta reels Viewer

Instagram Reels Viewer and Downloader

With our tool, you can easily and anonymously view or download anyone's Reels on Instagram. All you need is the Reels URL, which you can enter into our search bar.

Stories Viewer

Instagram Stories Viewer and Downloader

You can use this tool to search and download any Instagram story, without limit! Whether you want stories from friends, celebrities, or idols - it's all possible. Plus, this tool is completely safe and anonymous.

Stories Highlights Viewer

Insta Stories Highlights Viewer and Downloader

IG Stories Downloader is an excellent tool that lets users discreetly follow and download Instagram highlights stories quickly.


Instafinsta - The best Instagram viewer and downloader.

With InstafinstaHD, you can view and download featured stories from Instagram for free without having to log in or install anything. Just search for what you want with a few simple clicks. You can also watch and download any video, image, story or story highlight from Instagram completely free and without any limitations.

What can Instafinsta do?

  1. With our tool, you can easily download all images from Instagram in full HD quality.
  2. You can also view anyone's profile anonymously and for free. This includes their profile picture, number of posts, followers, and those they are following.
  3. Furthermore, you can zoom in on or download the profile picture in Full HD quality.
  4. You're able to watch and download Instagram videos for free as well.
  5. Finally, another useful feature is that you can view and download anyone's stories and highlights from Instagram- again completely anonymously and for no charge whatsoever.

Advantages of InstafinstaHD?

  1. No Account: You can view Instafinsta stories without an Instagram account.
  2. Anonymous: Your identity will remain unknown when you view other people's Instagram stories.
  3. Save it: Videos from Instagram can be downloaded to your device for free.

How to use Instafinsta?

Step 1: Go to Instagram and copy the link you want to view and download (can be photos, videos, stories, reels...)

Step 2: Go to select the correct tool you want and paste the previous URL into the search bar.

Step 3: Press the "Search" button and wait for the tool to return results.

Step 4: You can view and download the results to your device.